Here Is Exactly How to be Happy at Your Job

By Michael Croke

This is for the people coming into work, counting down the hours until it’s time to leave, and dreading that alarm clock buzz tomorrow morning. This is a choice, and by choice you can change. Luckily I’ve got some tips to help you find happiness in the workplace, no matter what job you might have.

Begin Your Day With a Smile

According to an article on, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile and are triggered by the movements of your face and its many muscles, which is interpreted by your brain. Your smile generates happiness and positivity, so think of your smile as a way to generate happiness in your work environment. Smiling not only sends signals to your own brain, but it gives others in the workplace a sense of the same feeling.

Less Talk, Much More Walk

Whether you’re the custodian at a middle school or the CEO of a Fortune 50 company, the objective is the same: do everything  in your power to accomplish your workload efficiently. If it’s a spotless hallway floor or a proposal deadline, the focus is exactly the same. Be proud of your work and  the results will speak for themselves.

After setting and achieving those goals, you’ve not only given yourself the opportunity to achieve your next goal (raise or promotion I hope), but you’ve also produced a result worth highlighting to management. 

Embrace Your Colleagues and Their Achievements

It’s nice to get recognition for your hard work, but what’s even more rewarding is the reaction your co-workers show when you dish out the praise yourself. Giving credit where credit is due is the first step. If your colleague is doing well, let them know! 

Not Everybody Will Like You, So Deal 

People in the workplace will generally react positively, and for those that don’t- keep it moving! You have no time for other people’s problems, because you’re at work so get to working! 

Generally these types of people accomplish far less than the optimist who leaves their emotions at the door, so keep your chin up and work twice as hard as Buzz Killington pouting over in the corner about the air conditioning being too cold. Yeah, that guy.   

Rule of Thumb For Successful People

Happiness is a gift you give yourself. Circumstances will oftentimes create an illusion of defeat, before even attempting to apply these helpful tips. Push through any negative thoughts, and flood your mind with positive affirmations: I’m better than my current situation, I am worthy of happiness, I am good enough to have a happy life. Because guess what? You are!

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