Marijuana Supporters Young and Old Speak Up

Smokers come in all different shapes and sizes: the 92-year-old woman with arthritis next door smoking a bowl of Lemon Kush right after her grandchildren go back home to their parents; the doctor down the block smoking his joint of Arabian Haze after a long and stressful day in the the ER; and your local congressman up for re-election this fall.

All On-Board?

We can all agree that 2016 was a year we won’t forget: marijuana was legalized in four more states; Donald Trump was elected as our next Commander-in-Chief; and our beloved marijuana went from an impressive $1 billion dollar industry into an astounding $6 billion industry in just a few years. As acceptance for the harmless plant grows, the “silent majority” begin to follow.

According to a gallup poll in 2016, 1 in 8 Americans smoke the reefer every day. Next time you go to a family gathering, take a second look at your aunt’s eyes. Pot smokers nationwide are slowly “breaking the bake” and venturing out to actual retail stores instead of local dealers. Dispensaries are getting more packed, and so are the bongs.

What A Time To Be Alive 

It’s a monumental decade for marijuana. No other market in history has surpassed the 30% annual increase in sales marijuana has seen over the past few years, including the boom of broadband internet (29%+) in the 2000’s and television (19%+) in the 1990’s. Unfortunately, although more states are considering the legalization of pot, states like Georgia and Nebraska enforce strict laws prohibiting possession and substance abuse. With more and more politicians getting on the wagon for legalization, nationwide tolerance is imminent but may take years.

Surprisingly enough, even our next POTUS spoke in favor of ending federal laws prohibiting the use or possession of marijuana. “In terms of marijuana and legalization I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state,”president-elect Donald Trump told The Washington Post. Until state and local officials from all over move towards expanding legalization, we must speak up on its benefits. 

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