Tips on Being Confident, Even If You’re Not

By Michael Croke Who Has Confidence? Take a moment to think of someone you know who calls the shots and owns every room they're in. I can guarantee you this person has confidence and excels partly because of the fact. If you want to know how to be more confident, take a moment to study... Continue Reading →

Here Is Exactly How to be Happy at Your Job

By Michael Croke This is for the people coming into work, counting down the hours until it’s time to leave, and dreading that alarm clock buzz tomorrow morning. This is a choice, and by choice you can change. Luckily I've got some tips to help you find happiness in the workplace, no matter what job... Continue Reading →

Avoid Dating at Work, or Lose Your Mind

By Michael Croke Dating in the workplace, or, as HR puts it, fraternizing, is a definite NO. Luckily, I've got your back and will give you professional advice on how to avoid the frat-trap. It’s Not Worth the Risk Working with the opposite sex likely means you’ve agreed to the “keeping your hands to yourself” clause... Continue Reading →

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